hyunGPT User Guide

Want to generate music tracks, images, or even videos? Ever wonder what talking to your future self, a slice of bread, or even Mr. Beast would be like? Anything's possible with hyunGPT!

Here you'll be able to access all the information you might need while using hyunGPT!

Located on the left, there is a table of contents which you can browse to find guides you need. Select the section you wish to see and click it. This will walk you through step-by-step with and screenshots.

About Us

hyunGPT is an AI assistant tool that helps you get the most done with a huge amount of artificial intelligence features.

With hyunGPT, you can chat with different personalities, generate music and images, and more, all in one bot. The only limit to what you can create is your imagination!

It's Free!

We're still developing and testing new things, so many features of hyunGPT are free. All we ask for is for you to share and use hyunGPT with your friends and give us feedback in our community server!


There are a lot of unique use cases for all our features in hyunGPT.

With the chatbot, hyunGPT can...

  • Talk to you in DMs

  • See and send images

  • Browse the web

  • Watch YouTube videos and uploaded videos

  • Roleplay endlessly

  • Chat with you and your friends in channels

It's just like having another friend in your server!

hyunGPT also has many commands that can do many awesome things...

  • Generate, remix, and upscale images

  • Make high-quality music

  • Translate text into any language (doggo-speak?)

  • Turn images into prompts

  • Make videos and movies

  • Create GIFs

Anything you can think of...you can most likely do with hyunGPT! More features are on the way, and feel free to suggest new things in our community server!

Getting Started

Visit Adding hyunGPT to get hyunGPT into your server and start making the most out of our features!

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