💬Using the Chatbot

The hyunGPT chatbot is a great way to do everything in one place - generate images, interact with YouTube videos, and more!

To start using the chat bot, you can simply mention it (e.g. @hyunGPT hello!). Alternatively, if you would like to have more customization options, continue reading below...

To start chatting with the bot, you can enable what we call a "session" with the /session start command. Before running the command, you also have the option to choose from our dozens of personalities!

Once a session has been started, hyunGPT will respond to all of the messages in the channel as the personality you chose. There are additional settings you can customize via the /session settings command.

Here is a list of all the features hyunGPT is capable of within a session with the chatbot:

  1. Chat with the chatbot

Obviously, you're able to chat with the chatbot within a session. This is easy - just send a message in the channel!

  1. Generate images

Inside the chatbot, you're also able to generate images. To do this, simply send any message asking the bot to generate an image!

  1. Read images

hyunGPT can read images too! Simply upload your image to the channel and ask your question!

  1. Watch videos

Along with reading images, hyunGPT can also watch videos. Simply upload it to the channel and ask your question!

  1. Send Voice Messages (Beta)

hyunGPT can also send voice messages. You can set a custom voice via the /session set_voice command, by uploading an mp3 of the voice. More information can be found here.

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