Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is a session and how is it different from pinging the bot?

A session is created by running the /session start command, and will respond to every message in the channel. It is different than pinging the bot in several ways:

  • Memory is stored on our databases, rather than simply fetching the previous messages in the channel

    • This way, if you wanted to reset hyunGPT's memory, you can do so using /session restart. If you are simply pinging the bot, you cannot reset the bot's memory with a command.

  • Advanced customisation

    • By running the /session settings command, you have opportunities to customize hyunGPT further, for settings such as respond_to_pings_only and vc_voice

    • When creating a session, you also have the choice to select a personality. If you are simply pinging the bot, there is only the default hyunGPT personality.

How do I make it so hyunGPT only speaks in one channel?

To make hyunGPT reply to all messages in a specific channel, run the /session start command in that channel. hyunGPT will then respond to every message sent in that channel!

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