🧠Command List

These are all the commands we currently have for hyunGPT



Be able to chat with a variety of the latest models. Select which model you want to use in the model parameter.


For our patreon members, this command is for them to link their Discord account and be able to access bot-exclusive perks!


Deletes all of your user data off the hyunGPT bot. Use this command with caution!


List all of hyunGPT's commands. You can also refer to this list :)

/image ask

Upload an image along with a question and get a response back.

/image generate

Create a high-quality picture using one of our dozens of models at your disposal. There's lots of options for you to play with!

/image remix

Upload an image along with a prompt on how you would like to change the image. It'll generate a similar image based on your prompt!

/image to-prompt

Get a prompt for your uploaded image. Useful when you want to generate multiple variations of the same image but don't have a good prompt.

/image upscale

Upscale an image up to 4076px of quality!

/manage session

Manage a specific chatbot session by it's ID. (can only be used by bot admins)

/manage user

Manage a specific user on the bot. (can only be used by bot admins)


This command is great for measuring a person's emotions based on an image. Make sure the picture includes the full face!

/music-generator premium

Generate up to 30-seconds of high quality music. Feel free to specify a shorter duration if you want. (for patreon supporters only)

/music-generator simple

Generate 5-seconds of medium-quality audio. Doesn't use the same model as the premium version.


View your profile! This includes your usage statistics, badges, and more!

/session start

Activate the chatbot in the channel. Choose a personality you like! It will respond to every message.

/session restart

Reset the memory for the chatbot in the channel.

/session settings

Configure a variety of settings for the chatbot, including custom personality, language, and more.

/session set_voice

Create a custom voice for the bot to send voice messages. (in beta)

/session end

Destroy the chatbot (oh no!) and delete all data related to the session.


View all the amazing perks you get when you subscribe to hyunGPT.


With the power of AI, translate text to any language you can think of! Gibberish, doggo-speak, beep-boop, you name it!

/vc join

Have hyunGPT join your voice chat and speak. (for patreon supporters only)

/vc leave

Make hyunGPT leave the voice chat it's currently in. (for patreon supporters only)

/youtube video

Insert a YouTube video link and be able to generate a summary, transcript, and even chat with the video in seconds! (for patreon supporters only)

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