🎨Adding hyunGPT to your Server

Don't know how to get hyunGPT into your server? Don't worry! It only takes two minutes and the steps below will help you through it.

Don't have a Discord server?

If you don't yet own a Discord server, make sure to create one! This is where you'll be able to use hyunGPT.

  1. Once logged into your Discord account, press the "Add a Server" button

  1. Press the "Create My Own" button.

  1. Fill in the information needed and press Create!

Once you have a server...

  1. Head over to hyungpt.app

  2. Press the "Invite Now" button

  1. You'll then be redirected to the default Discord authorization page. Select your server in which you want to hyunGPT to be invited to:

  1. After selecting a server and clicking the "continue" button, you'll have to grant hyunGPT the listed permissions which is required for hyunGPT to talk and work correctly.

  1. After clicking "Authorize", you may be prompted to complete a captcha which ensures you're a real human. Click on the "I am a human" button to verify and once complete, you should receive an "Authorized" message meaning you've successfully invited hyunGPT to the server!

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