Webhooks (Custom PFP + Name)

Many users would like to change hyunGPT's profile picture along with its username for more immersive of a chat experience, but don't know how. The answer is webhooks!

The webhooks feature is only available to premium subscribers. Upgrade at https://patreon.com/hyunGPT

In order to create your webhook, you must have the following permissions in your server:

  • Manage Webhooks

Then, follow these steps to set up your webhook:

  1. Create a webhook.

To do this, enter your channel settings and press "Integrations". Inside, Open the "Webhooks" tab.

  1. Create a webhook.

Once you have gotten to the page, press "Create Webhook" and start editing the webhook's information. This includes the name and profile picture.

  1. Save your webhook's data. Then, press on the "Copy Webhook URL" button. You should have a link similar to this:


  1. Then, create a session in the same channel that you created the webhook in.

  1. Run the /session settings command with the setting webhook_url set to the webhook URL you specified.

  1. Test it out by sending a message in the channel!

Congratulations! You have successfully created a webhook for the bot to send messages through. Keep note that changing the username and PFP of the bot will not change the personality, refer to Chat Personalities on how to do that!

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