🎍Image Remix

Remixing images is also known as "text and image to image," where your prompt is guided by an image. Here's how to use it!

To access image remix on hyunGPT, use the /image remix command. It's pretty similar to the /image generate command, except you get the option to also upload an image!

  • Image: The image that you would like to guide your prompt. The output will be similar to the one you upload.

  • Prompt: The prompt of your image. The more descriptive you are, the better.

If you would like to further customize your remixed images, feel free to explore our additional options...

  • Remix Model: The model that you'll use to generate your image. We currently have four remix models available.

  • Style: This is the style of your image. For example, if you would like your image to be in the style of Disney, you might choose the DISNEY style. If you would like no style (image only follows your prompt), select NO_STYLE

  • Control Mode: Control modes are the different ways you want to remix your image!

  • Image Strength: How much you want the remix to be similar to your image. The higher the number, the more similar.

  • CFG: The CFG (classifier-free guidance scale) determines how much the image follows your prompt. A low number means that it doesn't follow your prompt as much, while a high number means it follows your prompt exactly. Think about it as controlling how creative the model can be!

  • Seed: This is the starting point of your image. Seeds can be any number, and it's usually selected randomly. If you use the same seed twice, you'll most likely get around the same image.

Awesome! Now you know about all the options for remixing your images! We can't wait to see what you can make with hyunGPT!

Here are some examples of what you can do with hyunGPT Image Remix...

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