🎼Music Generator

hyunGPT's music generator is a beta feature that allows users to generate music

To access hyunGPT's music generator and start making music with AI, use the /music-generator commands. We have two models: a simple version and a premium one.

The simple version allows for users to generate up to five second of decent-quality music. This is accessible via the /music-generator simple command. Here's how to use it:

  1. Type /music-generator simple in the chat box and select the command.

  2. In the prompt option, type what you want the music to sound like. For example, you could type "funky synth solo"!

Then, press enter. Processing usually completes under 10-15 seconds, but it depends on wait times. After it's complete, you should have something like this!

The premium model for music generation is able to generate up to thirty seconds of stunningly high-quality audio. To use it, you can use the /music-generator premium command...

  1. Type /music-generator premium into the message box and select the command

  2. For the prompt parameter, type what you would like the music to sound like. For example, you could type "funky synth solo"!

  3. By default, it will generate eight seconds of music. You can change this with the duration parameter. E.g. duration: 30

  4. Press enter! Your music should be generated within half a minute, but it depends on the current demand.

You should have something like this!

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