I can't see any of hyunGPT's slash commands. How do I fix this?

If you encounter the problem of hyunGPT's slash commands not showing up when you type them e.g. /ask, then it's possible your server's permissions aren't configured correctly.

Method 1: Kick and re-invite hyunGPT

  1. In the server members list on the right, right-click on hyunGPT's profile and press "Kick".

  2. Try typing a slash command again and see if it shows up.

If it doesn't show up, you may have to dive deeper into Discord's permissions.

Method 2: Modifying bot permissions (Computer-only)

  1. Press on your server's name and enter the "Server Settings"

  2. Navigate to the Integrations tab.

  1. Then, press on "manage" on the hyunGPT.

  2. Make sure that the Command and Permissions are all toggled on for everyone and all channels.

If you still cannot access commands, please join our Discord server and create a ticket.

hyunGPT doesn't respond to any of my messages, no matter what I do! How can I fix this?

If hyunGPT cannot respond to any messages, please make sure it has permissions to view and send messages to the channel. You may have a role that's preventing it from chatting.

Learn more about roles:

If you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up roles, then if you have an admin or moderator role with the right permissions, you can alternatively give hyunGPT that role.

I voted for the bot on but still can't run commands. What now?

Voting for hyunGPT on is a free process that takes around 30 seconds. It's crucial for keeping this bot free and helps us out a lot.

There are several reasons for you not receiving your perks after voting:

  1. You haven't voted in the past 12 hours

  2. The bot was offline when you voted

  3. There were some technical issues in the background.

If you haven't voted in the past 12 hours, vote again and you should be able to access commands.

If the bot was offline when you voted (or there was some technical issues), you can wait until your next available vote, or contact support to manually add you.

I subscribed on Patreon but haven't received my perks yet!

To receive your perks, you have to link your Discord account to Patreon.

Once you've done so, go ahead and run the /claim-perks command.

If you still encounter the "Oh No!" message, please check the following:

  1. You do not have a pending cancellation

If you still cannot link your perks, join our Discord server and create a ticket.

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