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Chat Personalities

Personas are who you are talking to when you talk to the chatbot!

Changing the Persona

If you are outside of a session (are pinging the bot/using "hyungpt") there is no way to change the personality. However, you can do so in a session.

To change the personality within a session, run /session end to end the session. Then, run /session start, and in the persona option, select the personality you would like to use.

It's as easy as that! We're working on creating more and more personalities, and you can suggest new ones in our Discord server.

Choosing From a Pre-Made Personality

When creating a brand new session in a channel with session start, you're provided with an option to choose from personalities.

There is a growing list of a massive amount of personalities that we've pre-made for you to choose from! If you don't see it at first, it might just not be on the first page. You can start typing to search for who you want to talk to.

If you can't find a personality you would like to, don't worry! You can set a custom personality.

Setting Custom Personalities

If you are a Patreon Supporter ( you have the option to create a custom personality!

Here are the steps to do so...

  1. Start a session. It doesn't matter what personality you choose, just choose any! We're going to be changing it anyways..

  1. Once you have the chatbot session started, type in /session settings. But don't press enter! Select the setting_name option and choose persona_name

  1. Next, press the new_value option. You'll see that no options show up, and this is so you can type the name of who you want to talk to!

  1. Once you have that done, press enter, and continue.

Congratulations! You have set the name of your personality.

By default, it will chat in a human-like manner.

However, if you would like to configure the way it talks, it's backstory, and other information, keep reading!

  1. Now, run /session settings again, but this time, instead of choosing the persona_name option, choose persona_info. Fill in whatever you would like: backstory, how it talks, etc!

  1. Now, press enter once you're satisfied, and again, press the green "Continue" button to save your changes.

Congratulations (again)! You have now set the custom personality entirely. You've changed the name AND the personality information for your new character!

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