🎨Image Generation

Image generation is a powerful tool powered by hyunGPT's latest models.

Good to know: Prompts are one of the most important things to master when generating content (not just images!) with hyunGPT.

To generate images with hyunGPT, use the /image generate command. The following options are required:

  • Prompt: The prompt of your image. The more descriptive you are, the better.

  • Model: The model that you'll use to generate your image. Models starting with HYUN are hyunGPT's custom models, with HYUN_ANYTHING being our latest and most advanced model. We also have many other recent models such as DALLE-3 and SDXL.

  • Style: This is the style of your image. For example, if you would like your image to be in the style of Disney, you might choose the DISNEY style. If you would like no style (image only follows your prompt), select NO_STYLE

  • Ratio: This is the dimensions of your image! The format is height:width, so selecting 16:9 will create a rectangle image.

If you would like to further customize your generated images, feel free to explore our additional options...

  • Images: This specifies the amount of images you would like to generate. You can make up to 10 at a time! (Subscribers only)

  • Negative Prompt: The negative prompt is what you DON'T want your image to include. For example, if you wanted to generate a picture of a street but don't want it to be blurry, you could put "blurry" in the negative prompt.

  • Steps: Steps are the amount of iterations the image generator goes through to make your image. Generally, 30 steps tends to work well, but anything less than that can result in incomplete images.

  • CFG: The CFG (classifier-free guidance scale) determines how much the image follows your prompt. A low number means that it doesn't follow your prompt as much, while a high number means it follows your prompt exactly. Think about it as controlling how creative the model can be!

  • Seed: This is the starting point of your image. Seeds can be any number, and it's usually selected randomly. If you use the same seed twice, you'll most likely get around the same image.

  • Enhance Prompt: If you're not good at writing prompts, don't worry! hyunGPT offers a setting for you to use AI to enhance your prompt, and by toggling this on, AI will make your prompt better in the background. (Subscribers only)

Awesome! Now you know about all the options for generating your images! We can't wait to see what you can make with hyunGPT!

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